What is #6figurejobsintech?

#6figurejobsintech is a movement aimed at putting more black people in six figure salary jobs in tech. We all know the numbers are not representative of the talent, and we’re here to change it.

What is a Solve-a-thon?

A solve-a-thon is a design thinking workshop. We’ll use MIT’s patented approach to creating scalable innovative solutions for our Work for the Future Challenge.

Our Solve Challenge - Work of the Future

How can we help those who will be left behind in the technology driven age? We are looking to:

  • Offer pathways to upskill, reskill, and retrain workers, as well as connect them to the demands of employers
  • Develop inclusive platforms that support non-unionized, temporary, informal and freelance workers, helping provide stability, safety nets, and security
  • Include the early participation of women, disenfranchised and low-income communities in the creation of new technologies, jobs, or entire industries

Why Work of the Future?

RL Empowers is on a mission to create a path via education, training, and certification for black people to gain early entry and access to high six-figure salary paying STEM careers, empowering these marginalized communities to create generational wealth. The MIT Solve Work for the Future Challenge aligns perfectly with our mission and goals.

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